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Title:Development and pilot testing of the questionnaire for use in NHS Trust-based Mental Health service user survey 
Overview:This document describes the development work and pilot testing of the survey of mental health service users, undertaken during Spring and Autumn 2003.  
Abstract:1. Executive summary; 2. Literature search; 3. Interviews with mental health professionals and individuals working in the mental health voluntary sectors; 4. Focus groups; 5. Draft questionnaire; 6. Testing the questionnaire: cognitive interviews; 7. Investigation of state of CPA information systems; 8. Mailed pilot surveys; 9. Consultation with Mental Health Advisory Group; 10. Mailed pilots to test for methods of enhancing response rates; 11. Non response investigation; 12. Follow-up of non-responders; Appendix 1. Topic guide for mental health focus groups; Appendix 2. Service user questionnaire used in spring pilot survey; Appendix 3. Service user questionnaire used in voluntary survey; Appendix 4. Service user questionnaire used in autumn pilot survey; Appendic 5. Service user questionnaire used in main 2004 survey  
Category:Survey Development Reports - Mental Health 2004 
Survey Type:Mental Health 
Author:Caroline Osborn, Rachel Reeves, Helen Magee, Esther Howell 
Publisher:Picker Institute 
Last Amended:January 2004 
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