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Title:Development and Pilot Testing of the NHS Acute Trust Outpatients Survey 2003 
Overview:This document describes the development work and pilot testing of the outpatients survey undertaken prior to the survey being run nationally by Acute NHS Trusts in England during spring 2003.  
Abstract:1. Executive summary; 2. Background to the outpatients survey; 3. Focus groups; 4. CHI consultation and feedback from trusts; 5. Sample design for the pilot survey; 6. Alterations to questionnaire; 7. Importance study; 8. Implementation of the pilot surveys; 9. Pilot outpatient survey response rates; 10. Outpatients pilot survey - results; 11. References; 12. Appendices.  
Category:Survey Development - Outpatients 2004/05 
Survey Type:Outpatient 
Author:Nina Bullen, Rachel Reeves and Nick Richards 
Publisher:Picker Institute Europe 
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