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Title:Guidance Manual 
Overview:This guidance manual outlines the requirements and procedures for conducting the survey of Inpatient Survey 2006. It should be read by Trust staff involved in undertaking this survey and by the approved survey contractors. This version has been revised to incorporate late changes relating to the provision of telephone translation services, specifically section 8.  
Abstract:1: Introduction: patient feedback and the NHS Plan
2: Setting up a project team
3: What's new for 2006?
4: Approved Survey Contractor versus in-house surveys
5: Commissioning a survey from an Approved Contractor
6: Data protection and confidentiality
7: Ethical issues, ethics committees & research governance
8: Collecting data from non-English-speaking populations
9: Timetable
10: Compiling a list of patients
11: Final sampling inspection by the ACC
12: Weekly monitoring
13: Publicising the survey
14: The core questions and question bank
15: Materials
16: Implementing the survey - practicalities
17: Entering data
18: Making sense of the data
19: Reporting results
20: Using results for quality improvement
21: Glossary.  
Category:Guidance Manual - Inpatients 2006 
Author:Jason Boyd 
Date Published:August 2006 
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