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Title:Mixed mode surveys - a review for the NHS acute patient survey programme 
Overview:This report presents findings from an investigation into mixed-mode survey methodologies and their possible value with regards to the NHS national patient survey programme. It has been prepared by the Acute Co-ordination Centre for the NHS Patient Survey Programme at the Picker Institute, on behalf of the Healthcare Commission. 
Abstract:Whilst the current methodology for the patient survey programme generally produces high response rates and data quality, there is evidence that some groups of patients are not as well represented as others amongst the surveys' respondents. In addition, the past decade has witnessed a general pattern of decline in response rates to mail, telephone, and face-to-face surveys across all sectors, and health surveys are no exception. As such, any changes to the methodology that could improve response rates overall or within subgroups would be desirable. Mixed mode surveys aim to balance the best possible and the best affordable methods for surveying populations and have been advocated as a way of increasing survey response rates. The rapid increase in the availability and accessibility of a range of new types of technologies for communication and data collection has fuelled the increased use of mixed mode approaches to surveys. In particular, advances in information technology allowing automated data collection perhaps most notably the internet have led to the possibility of vastly reducing unit costs for survey responses. 
Trust Type:Community 
Survey Type:Adult Inpatient 
Author:Chris Graham 
Publisher:Picker Institute Europe 
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