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Title:Feedback from trusts to proposals for a national survey of mental health service users 
Overview:This letter from the Commission for Health Improvement (CHI), dated 24 December 2003, addresses the main concerns and questions raised by trusts about proposals for a national survey of mental health service users. 
Abstract:What are the benefits of taking part in another survey? Why don't the topics of the survey cover all of a mental health trust's services, the full variety of service users and more locally specific issues? Will it be possible to breakdown the survey results into different areas of an organisation's services? Have service users been involved in developing the survey? Will a survey have difficulties in gaining a sufficient number of responses in the mental health service arena, particularly a postal one? How has the sample size been determined and should this vary between trusts of different sizes? Has there been sufficient consideration of service user consent and other ethical issues? What logistical aspects will need to be considered in order to carry out the survey in the most efficient and timely manner? Will there be any funding to help carry out the survey? 
Category:Service User Survey - Survey Programme Updates from CHI (Commission for Health Improvement) 
Survey Type:Mental Health 
Author:Sarah Scobie 
Date Created:December 2002 
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