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Title:Development and Pilot Testing of Questionnaires for use in the Acute NHS Trust Inpatient Survey Programme 
Overview:This report outlines research carried out to develop, refine and pilot test the Picker adult inpatient questionnaire for use in the NHS patient survey programme. 
Abstract:This report outlines research carried out to develop, refine and pilot test the Picker adult inpatient questionnaires for use in the NHS patient survey programme. The purpose was to ensure that the questionnaire met Department of Health requirements for the Acute Trust surveys.

The study had four main aims: to check whether any important items were missing from the original Picker questionnaire and to develop new questions where required; to pilot test the length of the questionnaire using four different versions; to identify patients' priorities for the topics covered and to report the survey findings back to three pilot Trusts using the problem score methodology.

The standard Picker adult inpatient questionnaire is 12-pages long, with 83 questions about patients' experience of their hospital stay. The study involved mailing either a 4-page, 8-page. 12-page or 16-page questionnaire, with a one-page survey about the questionnaire received. This was followed by focus groups and cognitive interviews with patients.

The qualitative research did not identify any important items missing from the original Picker questionnaires and they performed well in the cognitive testing. All four versions of the questionnaire obtained acceptable response rates (over 60%) with two reminders. All had acceptable item response rates and were acceptable to most respondents. A few minor modifications were made and incorporated into the 8-page and 16-page versions.

The pilot surveys in three NHS Trusts revealed high problem scores in some key areas. There is a need to use the results to help staff determine priorities for quality improvement. 
Category:Survey Development - Inpatients 2002 
Trust Type:Community 
Survey Type:Adult Inpatient 
Author:Rachel Reeves, Angela Coulter, Crispin Jenkinson, Julia Cartwright, Stephen Bruster and Nick Richards 
Publisher:Picker Institute Europe 
Last Amended:January 2002 
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